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A mum who’s clearly the product of her upbringing has today been urged by her children to relax, after stoutly refusing to do anything remotely unproductive on Christmas day, it’s reported.

Adhering to the sadly common trope of doing all the cooking and cleaning while all the men in the family sat on their ass and drank beer, Debbie Marsh [52] was seen shovelling rum balls in her mouth as she tore around the house at an alarming rate.

Not even pausing to watch her grandsons tear through the presents she’s thoughtfully picked out for them, Debbie was hellbent on ensuring the gift wrapping paper didn’t remain on the floor for more than 0.02 seconds – practically ploughing into it like a bulldozer before stuffing it into a rubbish bag so furiously, you’d think it had done something to upset her.

Though it was expected that her millennial daughter had a few things to say, even Deb’s husband was seen getting irate at his wife’s commitment to keeping things tidy – imploring her to sit down and enjoy the moment PLEASE.


“Enjoy the moment.”

Deb is said to have listened to the chorus of people urging her to join in, but her eyes were seen constantly flicking to the growing pile of rubbish like a chameleon spotting a juicy dragonfly.

More to come.


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