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The reverential Logie Award-winning Australian comedy series, Utopia, has hit a little too close to home today for full-time indentured public servant, Callan Drazic (31).

Drazic, who works as a project manager within the Department of Infrastructure, Water, Jobs, Health, Education, Banking, Transport, Environment and Mining (DIWJHEBTEM) in the Betoota Mallee regional office, could not help but find uncanny similarities between his 9 to 5 grind and that of the characters in the TV series.

Much like Drazic, in the series the fictional characters find themselves working on infrastructure projects that are constantly hamstrung by shifts in government priorities, frustratingly idiotic publicity stunts, and the stark ineptitude of colleagues who have their hands deep within the public purse.

Like many of his peers who decided to spend their lives pushing a pencil for the Apparatus of the State in return for a paychecque, Drazic is a closet sadomasochist.

This sees him taking pleasure in suffering and pain, most often through hardship or humiliation.

“It’s exactly like my 9 to 5,” Drazic emailed our reporter the following day.

“We even say that we’re working on ‘nation building’ infrastructure projects, just like the show does!”

More to come.


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