Your favourite person in the world is giving 21st century dating a go by sensationally downloading Tinder.

The move is set to ensure that someone on the platform can finally appreciate her grandson’s freckles.

Having previously admitted she would still love her grandson no matter what, Nana Vivianne Rill (77) cannot understand why the women of the world do not feel the same way about her special little guy.

Although she initially needed a long lie down after learning what Tinder was seven years ago, nana Rill has since gotten used to the idea of young people using ‘the internets’ for ‘courting’.

One thing she is still yet to grasp is why none of the women on Tinder appreciate her grandson’s gorgeous freckles as much as she does.

Grandson Evan Rill (23) reckons he does alright for himself even if his freckles do not attract anywhere near the amount of female attention as height or the fact that he’s holding a fish in none of his photos.

However, the tides have now shifted in his favour as his nana set up a Tinder account so that some woman on that app could finally give Evan’s sun kisses the love they deserve.

“Oooh, this fella looks quite handsome, how am I meant to swipe again?” asked Nana Rill, in a question no one wanted to answer.

“Hang on, where’s he gone? Hmmm, what have I done here? He was there a second ago, how do I get him back?” 

“Evan! Come in here and help your nan with the Tindle [sic] app would you?”


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