33 year old Gabrielle Rooney confessed today that despite having a firm grip on technology, she absolutely detests that blind trust she has to put into google docs auto save and the fact that she can’t just manually save things on the cloud based document app.

Gabrielle’s Microsoft Word past has left her with the lifelong habit of manually saving after finishing a paragraph, a habit she was forced to acquire for her own survival.

Although Gabrielle’s been doing most of her office work on google for years now, she still isn’t entirely confident in the mystical workings of Google Docs’ auto-save feature – a distrust that she was lead to believe was a safe one.

“It’s just so… unsettling” Gabrielle explained.

“I mean, with Word, you had to click ‘save’ every few minutes to make sure your work wasn’t lost forever. It was a ritual, you know? But with Google Docs, it’s like… is my work really safe? At least give me the option to save, even if it’s a pointless placebo effect thing, it will seriously put my mind to rest ” she lamented.


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