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A district grazier holidaying on the coast this week has greeted some of his city-based mates at the Sunshine Beach Surf Club with the traditional welcome of the respectable country gentleman.

“G’day, you stupid lefites,” said Wal Campbell of the ‘Wellspring Downs’ Campbell’s out on the Daroo Development Road.

“What’s been going on in the big smoke? You blokes been smoking hoota in West End or what?”

The 35-year-old’s mates laugh and former boarding school bunkmate Lachlan Reece-White, one of New Farm’s newest residents, couldn’t help but fire one back.

“Yeah not much, you dumb fucking rural,” he said.

“Just been working my arse off, paying a lot of tax which no doubt the government will give to you as a handout when it stops raining.”

Wal laughed.

“Yeah mate, thanks for that. Love my FarmKeeper. How’s your old man? Still living in Singapore helping Airbnb dodge paying their fair share of corporate tax here or is he doing something useful for a change?” said Wal.

Lachlan laughed.

“Nah, he’s retired now. You can do that when you have a brain. What’s your old man up to? Still putting your crops in for you? You’ll have to do it on your own one day,” he said.

“Now, you just going to stand there like your Dad’s best friend [redacted by legal] does in public toilets or are you going to get us a round of beers? You can have my card if you’ve gone over your overdraft again.”

Wal laughed.

“Nah, you’re right. So it’s three seltzers for you blokes?” he said.

Lachlan laughed.

“Nah, make it a Stone & Wood. I’m on holidays.”


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