What we learnt as children has failed to prepare us for life once again as local Millennial Janice Croker (31) racked her brains for just one lesson she could pull from her afternoons watching free-to-air TV.

The best hours of Croker’s day were from when the school bus dropped her home until dinner, during which time her and her siblings would watch after-school TV together following the traditional punch on over who has the remote.

At the time, Croker was aware she should have been using that time to do homework, even if she had just spent over six hours in school where there were facilities and professionals she could of done it with then and there.

And now, in her Millennial excuse for an adulthood, when Croker finds herself in a situation that requires critical thinking, all she can summon up are the life lessons from Australian-Canadian program The Saddle Club, most of which centre around some pretty niche aspects of horse husbandry.

“I know this job isn’t what I want, and my boss is a complete Veronica,” stated Croker, unaware she just got the Saddle Club theme song stuck in her head for another week.

“My life is just trotting along right now but I have to summon up my courage like Lisa and finally move at a canter.”

Having thoroughly baffled our reporting team, we asked Croker if she ever implemented anything she learnt from The Saddle Club in a meaningful way.

“One time in wine country, we saw some horse tracks and I was able to confidently say they were made by a horse that wasn’t wearing egg cup shoes, which are seldom used in the Pine Hollow region.”


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