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In some sad news for former students worldwide, it’s reported that the anime girl featured in the ‘Lo Fi Hip Hop To Study And Relax To’ YouTube music stream has been forced to quit studying, after racking up a $1 million dollar HECs debt.

First started in 2017, the lo fi music stream has been playing 24/7 for several years, helping countless students, stoners and struggling sleepers to listen to soothing music without any ad interruptions – all while watching the continuous loop of a girl (Jade) glumly writing on a notepad.

But now due to inflation, Jade has sadly been forced to call it quits and get a job – resulting in a lot of broken hearts.

“She’s been there for me during my worst times”, says Betoota local, Laura Mason, 32, who completed an engineering PHD four years ago, “I suppose I thought she’d be studying forever.”

Having reached almost two billion views to date, there’s no doubt many people will be left scrambling to find a new image to disassociate to at 2am in the morning. 

More to come.


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