Friends and family of local man Will Thomas (25) are becoming increasingly concerned as they observe his sudden fixation on sipping espressos outside his local cafe while wearing bowling shirts, leading many to suspect that he’s in the midst of yet another binge-watch of HBO’s classic mob drama series, The Sopranos.

“He used to be such a laid-back bloke, always down for a beer and a laugh” remarked longtime friend Declan White (24), shaking his head in dismay. 

“Ever since he started rewatching The Sopranos, he’s been constantly talking about people not showing enough respect to him and everyone around him, he also keeps wearing those weird shirts”.

“At least he might actually go to therapy now, he needs it”

Will’s newfound obsession with all things Italian-American mafia-themed has manifested in various ways, from his sudden preference for Italian espresso over his usual flat-white, trying his best to get into cigars and attempting to gain a few kg’s to get that Tony Soprano dad bod.

Despite the concerns of those around him, Will remains unfazed, insisting that his newfound appreciation for espresso and bowling shirts is simply a reflection of his evolving tastes and has nothing to do with the fact that he’s watching The Sopranos again, he also confirmed he won’t be going to therapy.


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