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A local man has made an interesting decision to not flush his very pungent urine today, leaving his wife wondering what kind of animal she’s living with.

Speaking to his wife, May Keene, 32, The Advocate learns that Jason apparently only does this when he’s severely dehydrated, ensuring the leftover urine not only stinks, but is also a rancid Clive Palmer yellow.

“It may sound trivial,” says May, with a sigh, “but it’s the little things that can drive you mad, you know?”

Describing the scene with vivid clarity, May says the unmistakable odour of Berocca and asparagus that lingered in the air, was enough to knock out a small horse.

 It was a simple act, or rather, a lack thereof, yet it spoke volumes about her husband’s disregard for the most basic of household responsibilities.

“There’s never any toilet paper either! Do blokes not dab it after they’re done?”

“Or do they just fling it around?”

Our reporter shrugs, not really knowing the intricacies of men’s bathroom habits herself.

More to come.


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