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A rapidly ageing millennial has found herself reminiscing about her university days this morning, after finding herself twiddling her thumbs on the train.

It’s alleged Courtney Barnes, 29, had forgotten to plug in her charger overnight, resulting in her phone going flat roughly three minutes in her 45 minute train ride.

She speaks to The Advocate about this harrowing experience.

“Look, I’m not a fan of News Corp, but fuck me, I miss that MX newspaper”, says Courtney, referring to the daily newspaper that could be found in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane train stations, “god that was a good read.”

“Especially that creepy stalker section.”

Running between the years 2001 to 2015, MX newspaper was famous for its ‘Overhead’ section, and ‘Here’s looking at you’ – which involved travellers submitting their declarations of love for people they saw on public transport.

Though it probably wasn’t very popular for the cleaners, who were entrusted with taking away the thousands of newspapers that littered the train carriages each day, it proved very popular amongst bored uni students doing long commutes, back in the day when smartphones didn’t exist.

“I always checked to see if anyone wrote about me”, she admits.

“Guess I wasn’t that memorable.”

More to come.


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