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A local woman has this week been informed that her pronunciation of the word, ‘FIFO’, makes her sound like a hungry giant on a quest to feast on the bones of a young child, it’s reported.

It’s alleged Dana Hughes [25] had spotted the terms a few times on dating apps (which if it’s Tinder, usually means ‘fly in, fuck out’) when she’d matched with a ‘FIFO worker’ on Hinge.

Meeting at Betoota’s most popular destination for first dates, ‘The Shifty Hen’, Dana made the adorable mistake of asking what he did as a ‘FEE FO worker’, seeing as her sheltered upbringing meant that she’d never come across the expression before.

“A what?”, he’d answered, trying very hard not to stifle a shit eating grin, “a FEE FO worker?”

“What’s that?”

Shooting him a confused look, Dana whips out her phone and points to the words ‘FIFO worker’ listed on his profile.

“Hahaha I know.”

“It’s FIFO.”

“I mean, I know I’m a big boy…”

More to come.


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