Melbourne residents are absolutely stoked to hear that they are still at risk of aftershocks, after the city was struck by its strongest earthquake in 120 years overnight.

More than a year since the limelight faded on Melbourne residents after they were finally released from their state-sanctioned-quarantine, the city is thrilled to be the centre of attention again.

The 3.8-magnitude quake struck 3km deep in the north-western suburb of Sunbury about 11.40pm yesterday, according to the geoscience experts tracking the richter measurements in Southern Victoria.

Many people across Southern Australia were woken by tremors, with reports it was felt as far from Sunbury as Hobart in Tasmania and an SRC site in Adelaide.

Although, not even Sunbury is the centre of this news story, after the Japanese-made crockery of Melbourne’s inner-north nearly came off the shelf last night.

However, despite the fact that Melbourne’s inner-city have managed to centre themselves in this news story, residents are making a point of telling everyone that this earthquake isn’t that bad.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, Carlton North resident Nova Cabaret (34) says this “isn’t nearly as bad as the lockdown”

“People outside of Melbourne don’t understand” she says, as she begins to conduct what is now commonly known as ‘The Melbourne Pivot’ – a behavioural trend in metropolitan Victorians that sees them somehow managing to turn every conversation they have into a rant about how bad the Melbourne lockdown was.

“We did like, 300 days, the longest lockdown in the world.” she continues

“I think the rest of Australia really takes what we did for them for granted”

“It wasn’t fun. But we did it so the virus wouldn’t spread. I think the nation kind of owes us a bit haha. So yeah, an earthquake isn’t that bad haha”

“People also forget we had another earthquake in the middle of all of that”

“The 2021 earthquake didn’t even make headlines because of all the angry tradi-“

“…Because of all the lockdowns. That was the biggest news in the world at that time. I swear everyone forgets that we did 300 days in lockdown”


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