NSW Blues Coach Brad Fittler has today taken things outside the box in preparation for the State of Origin series opener.

With the first game just over 48 hours away, the man in charge of the underperforming Blues has decided to mix things up.

Ahead of a captains run tomorrow that will feature none of the original squad because they are all apparently injured, Fittler decided to shuttle the team out of Adelaide and up into the Barossa Valley.

“We wanted to make the most of being in wine country,” said Fittler in an exclusive chat with The Betoota Advocate this afternoon.

“So we’ve taken all the boys to the Fritzpumpernickelwaltshauen Vineyard in the upper Barossa,” said a clearly lubricated Fittler.

“Nice to get a bit of culture in too.”

“You know some of these fellas have never had a Barossa Shiraz?” he laughed.

“Can you believe that?”

Fittler then explained that he got the boys to do a bit of bare foot earthing and mindfullness out on the vineyard.

“That shit really hits after a few glasses of red, let me tell you.”

“Old school piss ups at the Lennox Head hotel is so dated. You need to innovate and move forward, and that’s what we are doing.”

More to come.


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