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A local woman has this week found herself terrified of being labelled a ‘Karen’, after attempts to get some customer service at Lululemon saw her awkwardly standing in front of the front desk for a solid ten minutes, without any of the staff so much as glancing her way.

Speaking to The Advocate, 32 year old Lily Sheffield admits she’s not always the most assertive person, but that being pointedly ignored by two 19 year olds regaling each other about their weekend activities was ‘taking the piss a bit.”

“I’m trying to be so hip with the kids”, admits Lily, “but I was standing right in front of them?”

“They were obviously just ignoring me.”

Lily says that in addition to not wanting to be the ‘bad guy’, she also tends to overcompensate with her tolerance levels, due to her own shit experiences working in a customer service industry.

“It’s hard, because my generation grew up with boomers as our bosses, who could be a little bit TOO strict.”

“I would get in trouble over the dumbest things at my first bar job.”

“So naturally, I’ve cultivated the belief that work should be fun!”

“But come on, there’s still a job to do.”

Lily says she was able to finally get their attention by muttering a ‘umm…excuse me’, but that she now lives in fear of seeing one of those girls ranting about her on Tik Tok, while doing their makeup or something.

More to come.


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