A travelling band of rugby league players have today been read the riot act.

With four NRL teams currently taking up residence on the West Coast of America, the playing groups have been told in no uncertain terms to behave themselves.

“The popular term ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays In Vegas’ is not applicable at all in this scenario,” read the leaked internal memo that has been sent out by Peter V’landys.

“In this case, what happens in Vegas, will stay in the cross hairs of NRL360 for the next 12 months or so, and result in countless headlines.”

“So don’t think some Hangover style escapade with Aaron Woods turning up with baby Carlos to the season opener is funny.”

“What happens in Vegas can also end up in the American legal system,” the memo continued.

“Just ask Matthew Lodge about that….”

“So, behave yourselves, or face the wrath of Peter V’landys… if you are lucky.”

The memo comes as sports fans around the nation wait with bated breath to see whether a code notorious for misbehaviour will live up to expectations.

No one is watching on more eagerly than the crew at Fox Sport’s NRL 360 program, who need to take for 2 hours a week about Rugby League.

That need often leads to hot takes and culture wars arguments, particularly from one presenter who just disappeared off the airwaves for some reason last year – before announcing he’d spectacularly be back for the Vegas expedition.

With a week or so down, the NRL is hoping the new warning will see the code through the next few days.

“We want them on a plane minutes after the full time siren goes,” said an NRL spokesperson today.

“No warm downs, no ice baths, no beers in the sheds. I want em out immediately.”

More to come.


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