Gritting his teeth, a local bloke figures he’s got at least thirty minutes before his parents either have an argument or rant about something they’ve read online.

This was quite a common occurrence whenever Mason visited for dinner, which then saw him spending a good portion of time debunking the latest boomer bait.

Clickbait is commonly used by major pop culture publications, who regularly pump out stories about women quitting jobs for Only Fans or the latest celebrity the Paul brothers want to fight – especially when they’ve completed combing through the entire Ask Reddit forum for article ideas, of course. 

This cherry-picking of right-wing stories is tailored to appeal to the reader bias and is known to omit crucial facts if it doesn’t suit the publication’s agenda, or at least having it all the way at the bottom, knowing readers won’t get that far.

For tonight’s outrage, Mason’s dad John has managed to circle back to his favourite topic, which is blasting millennials and the snowflake generation. A topic of conversation that is almost always unprompted, and filled with incensed rage.

“Lefties are ruining this country, you know they’re banning fairy tales now?”

“Fucking FAIRY TALES.”

“Your generation wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in the war. People go to therapy over spilt piss these days.”

“Bloody thought police at it again.”

It’s alleged that when Mason had attempted to state that one vocal person on Twitter doesn’t speak for the entire generation, John merely took a swig of his VB and muttered something about being Mason being a bleeding heart leftie.

More to come.


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