A local bloke has briefly postponed an awful hangover thanks to a panic-induced adrenaline rush, it’s reported.

Lachlan James [33] says he hadn’t planned a night out but when a mate suggested some Saturday afternoon drinks at the local RSL, he couldn’t say no.

As the beers began to morph into rum and Cokes, Lachlan chose to deftly ignore any thoughts of the absolute shocker of a hangover he was sure to have the next day and forge on.

However, his searing headache was kept at bay when he awoke on his mate’s couch and couldn’t find anything in his pockets.

Still half pissed, Lachlan embarked on the world’s shittiest treasure hunt to find his belongings, which his drunk self had thoughtfully scattered across the apartment.

“Found my keys near the toilet, dunno what was going on there.”

“Then my wallet, that was near the door.”

Lachlan says he eventually found his iPhone behind the couch but his panic was kicked up another gear when he saw it was face down on the tile floor.

“Part of me wanted to keep it face down,” says Lachlan, “it’s not officially fucked until I look at it.”

Luckily for Lachlan, his phone somehow managed to survive last nights shenanigans and was relatively unscathed.

Unfortunately, as soon as the panic wore off, Lachlan was able to properly focus on the loud throbbing coming from his temples.

More to come.


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