A former convicted white-collar criminal who spent a fair bit of time in prison before getting re-elected on an anti-muslim platform has this week shared an epic #FlashBackFriday moment, after abusing Aboriginal families in Parliament, the same way she used to in the 1990s before all the electoral fraud.

Speaking in Parliament late last week, Pauline Hanson has made comments claiming that Australia’s First Nation’s people are disadvantaging themselves out of “negligence”.

The comments, which have been labelled as “racist” by people who think you shouldn’t use a certain race a scapegoat for your own lack of political effectiveness, were made during a discussion about the Closing the Gap strategy which aims to reduce disadvantage among people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. 

The twice-divorced mother of several divorced MRAs said the way the initiative was being handled was “complete rubbish”. Hanson said the Government couldn’t make the lives of Aboriginal people better if they “lack of commitment and responsibility to helping themselves.”

“If you want to close the gap, start taking some responsibility for your own people,” she said.

“We’ve provided the jobs, but it’s up to you to turn up when you’re rostered on, not when it suits. It’s up to the Aboriginals to stay off the grog and the drugs.”

She used the example of children being able to get free meals at school, but the kids not turning up to take advantage of the initiative.

“Whose fault is that? Lazy parents. You can’t blame the whites when it’s your own negligence,” she said.

This is the first time Hanson has made the headlines she craves since she accused the family courts of favouring women because her sons both lost out in separate custody battles, after judges found them not up to a good enough standard off parents to raise their own kids, which means they must be pretty bad parents if they are white and that’s happening to them.

Before that, the last thing we heard from her was when she was caught on camera saying that the tragic Port Arthur massacre was a John Howard false flag exercise orchestrated to confiscate our guns, and then asking the American NRA for millions of dollars to buy votes and in turn repeal all of the firearm laws in Australia.

Before that, she wore a burqa into Parliament in an effort to rile up the Muslim community because she believes there are too many refugees arriving in Australia, a position she has held firmly since her first divorce to a Polish refugee from Brisbane in the 1970s.


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