In a touching news story from our town’s Betoota Ponds district today, a local landlord has shown his softer side.

The acquirer of capital who inherited a couple of houses in a prime area from his parents which he leveraged to purchase a significant number of properties with very good rental yields has decided to put profits aside and let his single mother tenant forget about rent for a few weeks.

The tenant, Charlene Wilson (27) who has a little girl Elsie depending upon her and her 30ish casual hours a week cleaning at a large office building in the Betoota’s Old City District had to have the tough conversation with her landlord this week after she was informed that the building she works in would be going into lockdown as a result of COVID-19 and she should self-isolate.

“He was actually surprisingly good,” laughed Wilson today.

“I explained that I’m not lucky enough to have a large family network or a partner to rely upon if times get tough and that Elsie and I would be in an extremely underfunded and potentially dangerous temporary accommodation or shelter if he forced me to pay rent,” she continued.

“Obviously social security takes a huge amount of time to get because they make it deliberately tough for people down on their luck to lean on society when they don’t have anyone else to lean on, and there’s not much going in the way of job opportunities right now is there.”

“He was totally fine. He was like, no worries take as long as you need to get back on your feet and I’m not going to make your life hard because my goal has become accumulating as much personal wealth as possible.”

“So it’s a huge relief. It’s embarrassing having to ask people for help, but it’s so great that my landlord was understanding at this tough time.”


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