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A group of girls have this week been forced to mute their group chat, after their token fit friend tried to pitch a sunrise hike – on a Sunday morning, of all times.

It’s alleged this isn’t the first time nor the last that Clara has tried to push the idea, having not quite realised yet that none of her friends are even remotely keen on the idea of getting up at 5am, especially when there’s a 82% chance they’ll be out on the piss the night before.

“There nothing that appeals to me less, than getting up at the crack of dawn to walk in some fucking bushland”, says Bree, “it’s the fourth time she’s asked.”

“Last week, she sent us a link to this waterfall abseiling thing.”

“I watched one of the videos and you literally get waterboarded while climbing rocks.”

“Fuck me, can we do a bottomless brunch instead?”

Another friend, Maz, adds that she loves Clara, but that it might be time for her to make some fitness friends.

“I’m open to beach trips or maybe a nice coastal walk.”

“But I draw the line at pissing in the bushes.”

More to come.


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