I LOVE FOOTBALL: In a stunning turn of events, local woman Molly Ward is reportedly regretting her decision to casually mention her enjoyment of the recent Beckham documentary when on the tune with a potential new love interest.

What started as a seemingly innocuous conversation about celebrity documentaries took an unexpected turn as Molly found herself surrounded by TVs broadcasting what seemed like every game of live sport being played on earth.

Sources close to the situation suggest that Molly, who had hoped for a semi-fancy dinner date, was blindsided when her date enthusiastically steered them towards a sports haven. The dimly lit romantic ambiance she had envisioned was replaced by the blaring sounds of Fox Sports commentators competing for his attention.

As Molly navigated through the sea of footy-heads, she couldn’t help but wonder if her mention of David Beckham’s documentary had somehow made him think that the local punting dungeon was somehow an appropriate spot for a date.

As they sat in silence, upon reflection, she couldn’t help but regret her decision to show any interest in sports.

She knew he wasn’t the one anyway when he was so bold as to order her a VB.

More to come.


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