IT’S OFFICIAL: In a groundbreaking announcement, newlywed Adelaide Dwite née Tait declared, “It’s official!” as she rushed to change the last name of her Instagram handle. Knowing her friends and devoted followers were eagerly awaiting this moment, she painstakingly made it to the morning after the big day to consolidate her matrimony in full. 

In an exclusive interview, Adelaide told Betoota “I knew the sanctity of marriage was incomplete without a digital rebranding.” when asked about her bold decision to change the last name of her Instagram handle. 

“It’s not official until your Instagram says so, right?” she continued. 

Observers were in awe at the sheer audacity of Adelaide’s move, they too knew that altering your digital title is the pièce de résistance of marital commitment. Does true love even exist unless you change your social handles and post a synchronised cross shared swipe series from the wedding day? 

Some speculate that this bold declaration will pave the way for a new societal norm – the Insta-name change ceremony, where friends and family gather round the bride’s iPhone to witness her digital pledge of commitment on giving up a handle she might never get back. 

As Betoota grapple with the weight of this groundbreaking announcement, one thing remains clear: Marriages may come and go, but the perfect Instagram handle is forever.

More to come.


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