In an event we’re all still kind of processing, independent MPs Bob Katter and Andrew Wilkie dressed up as cash hungry pigs to protest the grocery duopoly of Coles and Woolworths.

Initially mistaken for an experiential advert for Hogsbreath cash-topped steaks, Wilkie and Katter drove the message of supermarket greed home by pretending to eat cash and holding a sign that said ‘cold’ in the Coles font that somehow got hideously crumpled during the two person protest.

Unfortunately for Katter, this is an issue he spent too much time on as while he was playing dress up in Canberra, a person in North Queensland was torn to pieces by a crocodile.

Appalled that he had let this happen on his watch, Katter sent the victim’s family 1000 blossoms in bloom and immediately flew to North Queensland to confront the croc in person.

“Don’t let the supermarkets steal the cash from your wallet OR your attention from the real issues of the day,” stated Katter, wading waist-deep through an estuary, holding a rifle and apparently forgetting he was still dressed as a pig.

“Don’t worry, the croc won’t dare attack me. In fact, we should all be safe for the next three months if my numbers are correct, which I can’t know for certain just now as this brackish water seems to have washed the stats clean off my palm.”



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