The 2024 NFL Super Bowl broke records with audience numbers, after a combination of Swifties, 2000s RnB fans, and genuine football enthusiasts tuned in to the most watched sporting event in American history.

More than 200 million viewers watched all-or-part of Super Bowl LVIII across all networks, the highest unduplicated total audience in history.

Unfortunately, while the excitement didn’t last longer than a month, as the NFL became accutely aware that 2024 might be their peak.

It seems that American football now has a very real competitor in the space of contact sports. And ironically, it was the next sporting match to be played on that same turf at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

The once magical pipe dream of the NRL Vegas Round has gone off without a hitch! – apart from a few hotel brawls and a bit of old fashioned Sydney Roosters racism.

But aside from the alleged Spencer Leniu slur, the fact that nobody has ended up in a jail cell (yet) means that it was a success.

And the Australian urge to be validated by Americans has not only been satisfied, but vindicated – because the yanks can’t seem to get enough of our domestic rugby league competition.

In skyscrapers right around America, high-ranking professional sporting administrators are in a panic over the predicted rise of NRL football in the US.

Millions of Americans fans are expected to immediately ditch their current NBA and NFL teams, and begin dedicating all of their energy into following one of the 17 clubs that make up the National Rugby League.

“This is a worry man” said one NFL executive.

“You know, these Aussies don’t even wear pads or helmets. They are much tougher than us”

Another NBA executive echoed this deeply worrying sentiments.

“Our fans watch the NBA so that they can appreciate the pure athleticism of someone like Lebron James”

“But Lebron James is nowhere near as talented as the likes of Jason Saab or James Tedesco. This is such a worry for our entire organisation. Why did we ever let the NRL comes to Las Vegas! It may very well be the death of us all!!!!”


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