A helpless bloke found himself trapped on the wrong side of the Mardi Gras parade , facing the daunting task of embarking on a hero’s journey by foot to reach his mates on the other side.

Karl Gorrman (34), a local office worker, started off on a bad foot after missing his train into the city and somehow ending up on the wrong side of the parade that started 10 minutes ago.

The predicament Karl found himself in caused him to begin a journey through the mystical lands of Darlinghurst to reach his loved ones.

As the jubilant procession of floats, dancers, and rainbow-clad revelers snaked its way through the city streets, Karl, who had planned to watch the parade from the balcony of a mates place, was seen bobbing his head through the crowd trying to make his way to a quiet back street to figure out a plan.

Once he finally made it to a quiet street, Karl encountered a man of small stature who introduced himself as Sam, short for Samwise.

“I thought it was kind of weird that he was called Samwise like from the Lord Of The Rings Books, but I shrugged it off, it’s Mardi Gras, you’re meant to bump into different people.”

What Karl didn’t know when meeting Sam was that he too was in the exact same predicament as Karl, and so the two would begin a journey through the treacherous Mardi Gras crowds.

Avoiding salesmen trying to sell plastic stools to watch the parade, kids huffing nangs in back streets and older men catcalling Karls new friend Sam, the two were pushed to the test as they slowly made their way to the promised land of the Surry Hills side of the Mardi Gras parade.


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