In a display of cultural confusion, local man David Wu (29) finds himself scratching his head in bewilderment as he grapples with the enigma that is his Irish mate’s favorite sport, unsure if it’s a legitimate athletic pursuit or merely a fanciful picnic pastime.

David met Connor Flanagan (31) several months ago but is still confused about his favourite ‘sports’ of supposedly Gaelic origin that sound like something out of The Hobbit.

“He keeps telling me that this sport is really good, that it involves hockey sticks but you run around like it’s AFL and also no one actually gets paid but the entire country tunes in to watch it.” 

“Sounds like he’s pulling my leg or still drunk, or both.” David admitted.

Connor is aggressively protesting this misunderstanding, claiming these Irish games are legitimate sports that have a large following back home, but David isn’t falling for it.

“He even tried to convince me there’s this game called Gaelic football where they pack out 50,000 seat stadiums and play a version of soccer where you use your hands, and this other thing called Rounders which he says is a better version of soft ball.” 

“I’m not falling for it.” David says.

While Connor has admitted it is unique that such a small nation has so many unique sports that are only played by the one country, he does say that even he’s a little shocked just how few people overseas have heard about these great Irish pastimes.

Kevin’s disbelief in these fanciful sports that are straight out of a Tolkien novel are a comforting reminder that he lives in a country that plays normal sports, like Australian rules football and a version of Rugby that’s only really followed here and in mysterious lands of Papua New Guinea.


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