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An in-demand wedding planner and shown what sets her apart from the other wedding planners in our cosmopolitan desert community by mucking in and joining the front line of service.

Guests at Noah & Olivia’s wedding reception began trickling off the coaches at the Royal Betoota Botanical Paddocks on Saturday afternoon and were met with tray upon tray of party-sized pies, sausage rolls and most importantly, icy drinks.

But while the function centre’s waitstaff were able to accomodate the steady stream of well-dressed men and women alighting from the buses, wedding planner Joanna Rochester said she was forced to pick up a tray of drinks herself upon seeing the bride’s family arrive in their late model Pajeros.

“They’ll be thirsty,” she told the bartender.

“And they’ve been off water for hours. They’ll be tonguing for a cold Roman Crownie. They’ll come straight here, to the trough.”

Lead by the Olivia’s brother, Kade, the family did indeed set a course directly to the bar where they were incepted by Joanna with the tray of near-frozen Roman Crownies.

Kade and his two younger brothers took out the front row in a synchronised grab. Followed by the father of the bride, Big John and his own two brothers who made short work of the rest. The cousins, still wondering if it was early enough to whip off the tie, only saw the aftermath. A glistening empty tray.

“You boys wait here, I’ll be back with some more.”

And to their shock, Joanna did come and find them.

More to come.


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