As a professional with 10+ years experience in corporate life, local accountant Adam Edwards knows how to navigate an office Christmas party.

Comfortable with the concept of spending several hours on the lash with the hundreds of people he shares an office kitchenette with, Adam is a skilled veteran when it comes to avoiding the traps and pitfalls of a festive work event.

Currently four James Boags deep into the office Christmas party of Nexus Ltd, it’s understood Adam has finally bumped into everyone’s least favourite member of the payroll team David Shears, a spreadsheets nerd who wears the same blue gingham shirt everyday.

“Staying out of trouble hey Adam,” drawled David, eyes lighting up at the chance to chat to a popular member of the company.

“Let me get you a beer, it’s my shout!,” he cackled, recycling the same company line he’s been whipping out all afternoon as he attempts to socialise with his workmates.

“Ha ha, I’ll get you one back,” replied Adam dryly, as his eyes darted across the function centre looking for the familiar glow of a green exit sign that would be close to some bathrooms.

“Mate, I’m dying for a piss, I’ll come back and find you later,” he added, patting David on the shoulder and making a hasty exit to the bathrooms located up the back of the room.

Slowly backing away into the crowds of people he’d much rather share at least a few mouthfuls of beer with, Adam left his boring colleague with one last little compliment in the interest of Christmas spirit.

“Nice shirt mate, is that one new, looks great on ya buddy…”


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