A former Pokemon Master has decided to throw it back this week, as he attempts to wind back the clock with a vintage watch.

After seeing many local teens in Betoota’s French Quarter embrace a trendy 90’s aesthetic, local Aldi store manager Tyler Horton is reported to have ditched his fancy Apple Watch and transition over to something a little more lo-fi, the classic Casio.

After noticing the Japanese watch brand make a revival in trendy stores like General Pants, Tyler entered the depths of eBay to import himself a trusty Casio DBC611-1D, a watch that features a full blown calculator.

Keen to impress the little shits that he has to supervise during his shifts at Aldi, Tyler is pretty keen to unveil his new wrist toy and show to them how to truly embrace early 90’s culture.

“Haha how cool, I can fully do sums and divisions on this thing,” whispered Tyler, using his fat thumbs to beep out some numbers on his watch.

“And it’s even got an alarm!”

Technology a little challenged, Tyler told The Advocate he was excited to have one less piece of technology badgering him throughout the day with a constant stream of distracting notifications.

“Mate who needs a watch with text messages and weather reports that also tells you that you haven’t done 10,000 steps today.”

“This watch tells the time and can split a restaurant bill when I need to, what else do you need?”

“Now I just gotta look up how to adjust the time on this thing, maybe there’s some forums on Reddit I can look into.”
More to come.


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