A local bloke’s attempt to appear more fashionable has blown up in his face this evening, after becoming the punch line for every joke sailed by his deadshit mates.

After spending the long weekend visiting his girlfriend in Melbourne, The Advocate understands local industrial engineer Flynn Boyle has attempted to bring some Brunswick fashion back to Betoota, and bravely arrive at the pub flaunting rolled chinos.

Catching up for $25 Parmi & Pint at Betoota’s Railway Hotel, Flynn’s new style has inspired his mates to kickstart an all-time torrential rinsing, belting him into the ground with whistles and carry on.

“Ooooooh would you look at Flynn boiz, he’s got the little chino roll going on!”, whistled close mate Brando.

“Hold up lads, Flynn needs his Mum to sew up his trousers again, they a bit long for ya are they mate?!” cooed Callum ‘Raffa’ Watson.

After withstanding the early onslaught and attempting to sway the conversation towards ‘who else needs a drink’, Flynn is believed to become red faced as he realises this tirade of unsolicited fashion advice would be continuing all night.

After heading to the bar to buy a drink, it’s understood Flynn’s decision to double down on his new part-time Melbourne life and return with a cloudy craft XPA has done nothing but provide further artillery to his sharp tongued friends.

“Awww ha ha here we go boys, he goes to Melbourne once and now he likes the fruity beers!” 

“Don’t want a slice of watermelon for ya craft cocktail did ya mate?”

“What’s he havin’ for dinner boys, is there an eggplant schnitty on the menu ha ha ha!”

Ducking off to the bathroom to find some reprieve from the battering, it’s understood group alpha male and lead comedian Kenny Henry has instructed the table to finish their friend off with some classic shenanigans.

“Oi boys, let’s all roll our jeans up like Flynny for when he comes back, he’ll hate it hahahaha..”

“Someone get him a Martini, this’ll be all time!”


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