There are disturbing reports from the Diamantina Highway Patrol Unit this week, after a local man has been forced to keep his prized roaring lion shackled to the speed limit.

The Advocate is aware of several sightings of a juiced up HSV Maloo ute, moseying along the Birdsville Development Road at only 101km/h.

Despite boasting a throttling 8 cylinder, 6.2L petrol engine and a 5 star ANCAP safety rating, onlookers say the driver of the red ute looked awfully cautious as he made his way east to Windorah.

Speaking to one motorist, Shane Kenny, a 58-year-old truckie traveling north from Mungeranie, it’s believed a number of motorists were surprised to see the hogged up vehicle not attempt a dangerous overtaking maneuver on the single lane highway, and instead put-put along at a gentle sensible pace.

“I’ve been sitting behind this bloody Maloo for an hour, and he’s hardly notched it over 100,” Shane told our reporter over the UHF.

“It’s a real shame not to hear that beauty pur, the poor guy mustn’t have many demerits left!”

Asked whether he’d be making plans to overtake the caged animal, Shane admitted to The Advocate that the Maloo was really getting in the way of his day.

‘Mate I’ll be honest, I haven’t slept in two days and I’m in a rush to get to Rockhampton by midnight.”

“This guy better start giving his Chippies Chariot a bit of throttle or I’ll have to overtake him soon!”

More to come.


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