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@Bec_the_sun_lover, one of Betoota’s biggest Instagram influencers, is today celebrating her most-liked post ever.

The post shows a bikini-clad Bec on a beach ‘candidly’ walking away from the camera, her bottom overtly exposed thanks to her thong-style bikini bottoms.

Bec’s manager reached out to The Advocate to see if we would PR the story for her, which we are doing but unfortunately for Bec it’s not the headline she would have liked.

Upon speaking to her manager and reading the analytics report of the post, our reporter discovered that Bec’s most-liked post came from people taking their morning dump.

Our reporter then reached out to social media expert, Doug Pratt, to see if he could go into a bit more detail.

“Yeah, look it’s not the prettiest insight in the world but it’s true”

“70% of the time people browse through their Instagram feeds is when they’re taking a shit”

“Bec’s photo was uploaded on a Saturday morning too, clever from her as that’s when more people are on social media, but it’s also when everyone is doing their ‘grog bogs’.

“It’s unfortunate for Bec that she has to be associated with people shitting, I guess that’s just the price you pay for putting your life on display.” 

More to come.


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