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Tom ‘The Bull’ McMutton, third-grade prop for the Betoota Dolphins, was told by his doctor that he would have to change his diet immediately unless he wanted to become diabetic.

It was hard for Tom to hear, but he took it on board. That’s why today at the Betoota Railway Maccas he’s proudly opted for a diet Sprite.

“Doc says I gotta watch my weight” he said to the disinterested 14yo pimple standing behind the register.

The Advocate then sat down with Tom as he hooked into his large double cheeseburger meal, and diet Sprite. 

“Apparently I’m pre-diabetic, so I gotta cut down on the sugar he reckons”

“I told him that I can’t lose too much condition otherwise I might get dropped from the Dolphins.”

The Advocated reached out to Tom’s doctor to see just how serious Tom had to be about losing weight.

“Yeah, pretty serious” said Dr. Cox.

“His bloodwork is pretty worrying, each week he consumes about two kilograms of sugar”   

“But you know, that’s just what’s wrong with people, that’s why this country is so fat”

Dr. Cox went on to rant about Australia’s obesity crisis for another 15 minutes, and our reporter thought it best not to tell him about the McDonald’s or diet Sprite she saw Tom scoffing at 10:03am this morning.

More to come.


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