Passengers on a late-night Maccas run were assured of their safety as captain of the 1997 Corolla ensured everyone had their seatbelts on before taking off.

At approximately 11:30pm, the group of five university students decided it would be a good idea to forgo a good night’s sleep in exchange for spending their last couple of dollars on high-calorie food with zero nutritional value.

One group member who seemed to show some responsibility was driver Keiran Doorey (19) who made sure all four passengers had fastened their seatbelts before beginning to drive.

“What are you a pilot or something?” asked one passenger who would definitely not be offering petrol money.

“Currently cruising at an altitude of 30 cm.”

Doorey ensured his passengers he was not taking the mickey but ensuring the safety of his passengers in a vehicle with one airbag.

“You can forget about eating any of it in the car then. No in-flight meals for you dicks.”


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