As the world continues to lose its collective mind at the capabilities of AI and its ability to act as predictive technology, one takeaway joint in downtown Betoota has proven there’s still nothing wrong with leveraging some good old fashioned instinct.

Famous for it’s delicious array of bain-marie curries and samosas, Indian takeaway joint ‘Tandoori Palace’ has for years been the final business Betoota night owls visit after a big Friday night on the piss.

Having served Betoota’s intoxicated community for over eight years, store owner Sanjeev Kapoor knows his target market and can predict what his drunk customers will order before they even step foot inside his business.

And tonight is no different, as Sanjeev watched a half-cut suit labour up the street from The Cobblers Boot, a CBD watering hole that attracts crowds of corporates on Friday nights.

Spotting the white suburban man stumble up the road towards his bright signage like a half- brained zombie that’s spotted a fresh kill, Sanjeev went into automatic mode and started to whip up a feed for a man he knew would be keen for some curry and carbs.

Dishing up a layer of basmati rice into a plastic container, Sanjeev barely needed to take his eyes off his in-store TV as he slopped over two ladles of his famous butter chicken onto rice, and patted it down with the spoon handle.

Then taking a pair of tongs to the stack of garlic naan breads steaming in the bain-marie, Sanjeev folded a sheet of the soft, pillowy goodness into a paper bag before pulling the whole combo together onto the counter before the drunk corporate could even get his order in.

“Heyyth mate, can I get uhhh…” the suite slobbered, as he tried to hold back a hefty burp powered by an afternoon of drinking Peroni’s on a work bar tab.

“It’s all ready for you boss,” Sanjeev replied handing over the delicious suite of spices, “that’ll be $14.50.”

“Same again next Friday?”


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