In some breaking news from the world of style and culture, a new study has confirmed an interesting trend in the world of fashion. 

Commissioned by the Fashion Retail Entertainment Style High Design Research Investigative Programme (FRESHDRIP), the report found that ironic, retro looking merch is now high fashion. 

“It’s couture darling,” said FRESHDRIP Spokesperson Coco Bardot, referencing the fancy word for bespoke items of clothing. 

“We are post, post-modern,” she said. 

“Kitsch is in, kitsch is a vibe.” 

“Take these old school KFC slides and drumstick socks for example,” laughed Bardot.

“10 years ago you couldn’t pay me enough to be seen dead in something like this.” 

“I would have rather drunk a warm mass produced beer out of a can then be seen rocking the socks and slides combo.”

“But darling, the times have changed.” 

Bardot says that humorous old school looking items of clothing have risen to popularity over the last couple of years, with appearing like a uni student who works in hospitality being the new chic. 

“It’s fashion, look it up,” she laughed. 

The fashion icon says that along with fried chicken related merchandise, old school corduroy hats for mass produced beer brands and baggy shirts for food and confectionery retailers are in. 

“No cap, as I believe the kids would say.”

More to come. 


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