A local Central Business District watering hole has been the scene of an uncomfortable situation.

Known as the Friday arvo haunt for Betoota’s lawyers and finance people, The Dry Cleaners was this evening forced to deal with a rather unsavoury patron.

Enjoy a run of the mill Friday afternoon in our town’s thriving city hub, security were put on guard after hearing reports that someone who shouldn’t have been there had snuck into the bar.

“Yeah a bloke in a shitty sloppy joe somehow managed to get into The Dry Cleaners,” explained the head of security.

“It was a really really bad look, and I’ve been giving a rinsing by the venue manager as a result of it,” he sighed.

It’s not known exactly how the intruder made it into the venue, but it’s believed the lack of puffer jacket or suit jacket was immediately noticed by other patrons.

“We’ve got to do better in future.”

“What’s next, a bloke in sneans will sneak in here next week.”

“God help us if that happens.”

More to come.


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