A local woman has today consulted the stars to figure out why her crush has dialled down the heat, it’s reported.

Leona Robertson [23] was allegedly in the early dating stages with a young gentleman by the name of Chris, when the barrage of affection had slowed to nothing more than the occasional head pat, and the good morning texts to once a day replies.

Leona reveals to our reporter that she’d been disappointed in the turn of events, as Chris had been the one to pursue her first. When she’d asked if his feelings had changed and he’d replied with a noncommittal ‘everything’s fine’, Leona says she’d resorted to scouring his birth chart for a reason, instead of doing the adult thing of accepting defeat and moving on.

Unfortunately, his birth chart has failed to provide the answer she’s looking for and has instead added to the confusion – mainly because it couldn’t give her the false hope she needed.

“Yeah his birth chart was kind of vague”, says Leona, “maybe I got his time of birth wrong?”

Muttering something about ‘fucking Capricorns’, Leona instead channels her energy into figuring out what is possible attachment style could be, so she can adapt her behaviour accordingly.

More to come.


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