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Though local woman Kelsey Hanneman [27] does appreciate a good service, there is such a thing as being a little too heavy handed – which she’s finding out first thing this afternoon, after a simple trip to a Betoota Heights cafe saw her fending off an overzealous waiter.

It’s alleged she and her work bestie had agreed to dine in on some $15 chicken snitty bowls using the hour they were allocated to cover a breadth of topics, including their new disaster manager, whether or not two of the marketing team members were rooting each other, and plans for the upcoming new year party.

However, what should have been a reasonably low key lunch was unfortunately thwarted by a waiter who was either A. incredibly dedicated to their job or B. urged to pester customers under the guise of being ‘hospitable.’

Barely waiting until Kelsey had even picked up her fork, the waiter was seen speed walking over and inquiring about the meal with the enthusiasm of a first year theatre student.


“Just checking to see how you’re finding your meal?”

“Oh um, it’s good thank you”, said Kelsey, quickly shovelling a forkful of chicken into her mouth, “so yummy.”

“AMAZINGGGGG! Can I get you any drinks?”

“More coffee?”


“Some cheeky wine hahahah.”

More to come.


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