An exhausted hospitality worker isn’t in the mood to trade holiday stories this evening, after spending a 65-hour work week dealing with dickheads at the pub that act just like her loose friends.

Tired, restless and fearing for the slight tickle she’s acquired in her throat, 25-year-old nursing student Jennifer Barret has officially had enough of the Easter long weekend.

Working four days across the short holiday period, in an attempt to capitalise on some well deserved penalty rates and inject some much needed cash into her bank account, Jennifer told The Advocate that unlike most of her friends, she didn’t really have a choice.

“Being a student trying to make ends meet in the city is bloody hard work, my current financial status is best described as ‘week-to-week’.”

“Unlike most of my friends who got their Blue Blood parents or their Grandparent’s trust to pay for their degrees, I’ve gotta try to support myself entirely through this damn four year degree and penalty rates are the answer!”

“We also had the cough rip through the pub kitchen last week, so my pub baron boss was on his knees begging me to work the whole Friday to Monday, it was grim!”

With a headache brewing thanks to the 10 hours of pub radio, and the stench of Ajax embalmed into her fingernails, Jennifer told our reporter that a home-delivered burrito and some chocolate coated churros was the only glimmer of joy she would experience this Easter.

“Ugh, I guess I’ve done 26 hours on my feet this weekend, mopping urinals and collecting glasses, I might just treat myself and upgrade with guacamole!”

After flicking through her phone and finally getting around to answering a long list of group chats, Jennifer’s night was made worse upon realising she had to do it all again next weekend, and would again have to bump off every friend’s request to come join a beach party.

“Fuck it’s a public holiday Anzac Day next Monday, these long weekends are killing me!”

More to come.


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