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If you’d asked anyone from Betoota Ponds what they thought of Daniel Hanneman [33] five years ago, you would have gotten a lot of colourful answers.

To some, he’s the bloke that once got taken to the hospital after walking face first into a glass table after mistaking ketamine for coke. To others, he’s the guy that drunkenly got a tattoo of a cartoon man lawn mowing his pubes (since removed).

And to most, he was simply known as the guy you invite to make a house party memorable and not to any kind of serious event, especially if there was a free bar involved.

But after a few years of being suspiciously quiet on social media, it appears Daniel has not died of an alcohol overdose after all.

In fact, quite the opposite – he’s a reformed man.

A reformed Dan, if you will.

It’s alleged former classmate Ben Penfold was scrolling through Facebook one afternoon when they stumbled upon an absolute shocker of a post, that prompted him to screenshot and send to multiple people, with the caption ‘WTF.’

Reading Dan’s post which includes a photo of him doing an eye watering yoga pose, our reporter learns that Dan has now done a complete Russel Brand style rebrand, but without the whole ‘obnoxiously long words for no reason’ thing.

“Why are people so afraid of the sun”, started the post, with Dan obviously forgetting we live in the skin cancer capital of the world, “when it’s nature healer?”

“Every morning, I spend one hour harvesting its energy.”

“And it’s changed my life.”

“Perhaps instead of turning to pharmaceuticals to cure our ailments.”

“We should simply use the free medicine mother nature has given us.”

“#naturesmedicine #yoga #sunshine #mothernature #divineenergy #yoga #kamasutra #earthpower #vitamindan 

More to come.


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