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Though Anita Lang should have known that any depiction of twenty somethings living in new york would be highly fabricated, it appears that even the more honest version shown in Broad City might not even be an attainable goal.

Stating that she knew Friends, Sex and the city, and how i met your mother, were very obviously a pipe dream unless you had a six figure job, Anita said she’d had more of a realistic outlook, given she’d followed the adventures of Abbi and Ilana.

“Look, I knew I wouldn’t have a rent controlled apartment like Monica, or be able to subsidise an extravagant lifestyle by writing a couple of articles a week like Carrie.”

“I feel like Broad City really nailed the chaotic element of New York.”

“Which after being bored shitless in Brisbane for the past five years, I was really craving.”

Unfortunately considering Anita is both an introvert and someone who likes creature comforts, this attempt to upheave her life and move to the city that doesn’t sleep has mostly just left her feeling stressed.

“I don’t know, maybe I just need to be adopted by some extroverts”, she shrugs, “I’m just overwhelmed 24/7.”

“I’m starting to think I might actually be less of a broad city and more of a narrow city kind of girl.”

More to come.


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