A local hens weekend has kicked off like Charlies Angels this morning, as a playlist of classic hits notches up to full throttle.

Packing out a Toyota Rav4 on a road trip to Brisbane, The Advocate understands a carload of local ladies are gearing up for three days of rosé-induced carnage under the bright lights of Brisvegas.

But after losing all bars of phone reception somewhere between Quilpie and Charleville, the bridal squad were horrified to learn that none of them had saved down their curated Spotify playlist and were instead forced to scrub through patches of radio static to fill the air with something to sing.

Bypassing the boring crackle of ABC radio national and a few stations listing out this weekend’sbarrier draw at Doomben, it’s understood the girls magically landed on Roma’s 98.1 PowerUpFM.

Catching the outro of a beloved track the girls knew well from their days collecting So Fresh CDs, it’s alleged the group were suitably impressed by the oncoming truckload of mid-2000’s hits, the kinds of songs they used to enjoy at Year 6 discos.

“Alrighty that was ‘Dynamite’ by Taio Cruz folks,” crooned ‘Big Sticky Ricky’, a local radio DJ who sounded oddly familiar to a contestant from season two of The Bachelor.

“Next up, oooh yeah, got some Gwen Stefani comin’ at cha, this was a big hit!”

“And after that, before they tour the country next year, I’m taking you back to something larger than life, the Backstreet Boys!

“Aaaaand I’ve got 5 x double passes to give away! So let’s play ‘Ricks Midday Madness’, text in on the dot and you could be seeing the whole crew live in Brisbane.”

Giggling with glee as the beating drums of ‘Hollaback Girl’ began blasting over the car stereo, the promise of a chance to scour AirBnb for another weekend of cute apartment accommodation inspired the girls to throw their hand in the ring.

“Guys I’ve got one bar, I’ll text in!” cackled Gemma Atkins.

“How funny do you reckon we could win?!”

More to come.


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