I’m not really into politics. But it’s no secret that the government inherited a significant fiscal challenge, with a budget burdened by one trillion dollars in gross debt and deficits projected for at least the next decade, with little hope of fixing everything for homeless people living on the street.

Thankfully, the Treasurer delivered a breathtaking Federal Budget on Tuesday 25 October 2022, producing a sliding doors moment for homeless people living on the street throughout this wonderful wealthy country.

Through responsible fiscal management, the government has enhanced the quality of the budget by redirecting spending towards higher priority initiatives which will directly result in cost of living relief that doesn’t put additional pressure on inflation.

Which, if you can read between the lines of political jargon, means that the budget is finally going to fix everything for homeless people living on the street.

That’s right. I’ve read the entire budget back to front, and I can confirm that for Australia’s growing homeless cohort, living on the street is about to get a whole lot more liveable.

Yes, living on the street will be a dream once the responsible budget repair fixes everything, with forward estimates predicting that by the end of next week or perhaps the week after, Australia’s instances of problematic homelessness will be reduced from approximately 116,000 to zero. 

It’s the sort of budget Australians can be proud of. The sort of budget we need right now.

So if you’re an important Australian who lives in a home and you find yourself passing a homeless person on the street tomorrow, be sure to smile and wink at them because the budget is about to fix it all.

And if you’re a homeless person living on the street and want to learn more about how the budget fixes everything for you, then contact my office today and speak with one of my experienced team. Or download my free ebook, How The Budget Fixes Everything For Homeless People Living On The Street, and say goodbye to the problems of the streets forever.

Bravo Treasurer, you’ve finally put your money where your mouth is and have fixed everything for those most in need with this year’s budget. Bravo.


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