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A clever local woman looking to boost her appearance on the cheap has decided to not only opt to get her boobs done by a clinic that churns through 20 operations per day, but to get them put in one at a time – taking her original quote of $5000 (which was already alarmingly cheap) to a $2600 payment plan.

Sophie Tamsin [24] tells The Advocate that she’d been dying to upgrade her B cups to an E for years now, but had struggled to scrape together enough money together to afford a boob job, with even the most affordable payment plans still requiring at least $100 a week.

With rent, bills and debt on her Jeep, Sophie just couldn’t afford to blow a couple extra pineapples for at least the next two years.

But luckily, after chatting to esteemed Tik Tok plastic surgeon, Dr. Manzer, she was offered an alternative – one now, one later!

“I’m so excited!”, she says, showing our reporter some of her inspiration photos, “so I’m going this size, but just one.”

“And then I’ll get the other one in 12 months time after I’ve paid this one off.”

“I’m thinking I’ll do the same thing with a BBL in a few years time if work lets me have a month off.”

“The recovery is gnarly as, and you might die, but I know my life would be vastly improved if I had a dumpie.”

More to come.


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