The nation’s Head of Marketing is today doing his best to try and deal with ‘the double-pronged PR nightmare’ in front of him.

With Peter Dutton’s grant debacle in the rearview, Scomo is now facing the prospect of his party being held to account for their appalling handling of a sexual assault allegation, and the sexual assault itself.

Speaking earlier this morning, the Big Fella in chief tried to dampen the fallout from that by explaining that his wife convinced him to think about allegations of rape and the improper handling of the issue in the context of being a father – because like most comfortable well off Australians, empathising with people apparently isn’t a strength of his.

However, after seeking to brush the shocking treatment of a young woman off with a few token lines about being a father, the Prime Minister now has to deal with the fact that the Biloela Tamil family are causing him headaches again.

This comes as the Biloela Tamil family who did everything they could to ‘have a go’ had a court uphold a ruling preventing them from being deported.

While stopping them from being sent back to a country where they fear for the safety, the ruling provides little clarity on their future and doesn’t require their release after roughly three years in detention.

Although the Biloela community and countless others have desperately appealed to the Prime Minister’s conscience, it’s been revealed that he isn’t able to think about the Tamil girls as a father, in this instance.

“As a father of two Australian girls from the shire, unfortunately, I am unable to put myself in the shoes of Nades and I won’t be using the discretion I have to just let them stay because they’ve suffered enough trauma already.”

“Jenny tried to convince me to think about it as a father, but I just couldn’t, so I’m unable to empathise and show compassion to someone whose circumstances I can’t relate to in any way.”

“If we let one family stay, we open the floodgates. It’s simple.”

“Go and hassle Peter about it.”

“It’s his department anyway.”


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