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Despite earning multiple awards throughout the course of his degree, recent civil engineering graduate Cal Tippet has found himself completely unprepared for his first day on a construction site – though unfortunately, no amount of studying could have helped him.

It’s reported that the 21 year old had rocked up the site feeling quite chipper and confident, but was seen visibly deflating when he was forced to introduce himself to a group of very intimidating, very loud tradesmen, who made it very clear they had intention of allowing a spindly kid to tell them what to do.

“Hi eurgh, my name’s Cal and I’ll be the project manager overseeing this, um, project”, says Cal, his large ears turning a deep shade of red.

“I look forward to working with all of -”

“Jesus Christ, has this one even gotten his first pubes yet?”, tittered one of the older blokes, before letting out a very concerning smoker’s cough/chortle.

“Not keen on getting building advice from some silverspoon cunt”, muttered one of the more seasoned tradesmen, despite earning more money than Cal would ever see in a lifetime.

Though poor Cal had an absolutely shocking few first weeks on the job, it can later be reported that he was eventually welcomed to partake in Friday knockoff beers, where the workers delighted in corrupting his innocence.

More to come.


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