In some breaking news from the Thai city of Chiang Mai today, it has been confirmed that a local tourist attraction has more life in it than an entire NRL club.

A local veterinary expert has confirmed to The Advocate that a tiger drugged within an inch of its life has more bite in it that 17 professional rugby league players who take the field every week.

“Apart from Brandon Wakeham,” said the expert residing in the South East Asian city.

“He tried to fight a much bigger man and offered to go on with it in the sheds after the game.”

“But the rest of the club has the same amount of kick as a cooked tiger who people can get weird as fuck photos with on their holidays,” said the expert.

This comes after the Tigers slumped to another loss, keeping their perfect winless record alive for another week.

With the Bye offering them some points last week, the winless streak continues for the battling club who look set to miss finals for another year.

2023 will mark the 13th straight year the club has missed finals, with their fans encouraging the coaching and playing group to just wrap things up and spare them the heartache.

“I can’t do it anymore,” sighed one local Tigers fan today.

“Phins up.”

More to come.


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