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Road rules are one thing, but understanding road etiquette can get really difficult. The middle lane in particular has come up as a point of confusion. 

Interviewing a few locals at a heavily trafficked Betoota servo this week we found one lady who voiced a question she hadn’t yet found the answer to. 

Shannae Kuthly, a 25 year old dental nurse explained to us how her role within different lanes was always a cause for confusion for her. 

“I know that in the right lane I’m supposed to really ram it up the car in front of me, to make them know that I’m in a hurry and that I think I’m better than them. The middle lane though, what’s the deal? I never really know if I’m meant to be preparing to fight or not.” questioned Shannae.

Our reporter did a little research of our own, and the closest example we could find would be that the middle lane is Switzerland. Completely neutral to the conflict around it. Luckily the middle lane often avoids the drama of the other two lanes. Crashes or breakdowns in the middle lane almost always become the problem of the right or left lane.

In conclusion the middle lane, like the middle child, is meant to be seen not heard. If you’re in the middle lane just stick to the road rules and fly under the radar. 

More to come.


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