A local man from Queensland’s Wide Bay-Burnett region has today proven to friends, family and his community that he can be guilty of not thinking things through.

After enjoying a few schooners of full strength followed by some of his hometown’s finest, the Bundaberg man reportedly told his mates that he planned on driving home.

Picking up his keys from the damp table he’d been perched at for the past few hours, Brayden Thomas informed the group of friends that he was going to head off.

“Lol, you aren’t driving are you big fella,” laughed one of his mates.

“What do you think this is 1960?” laughed another, using his toxic masculinity powers for good.

“Come on you Derek, just wait half an hour and get a lift with Stevo,” chimed in another, referencing the designated driver who had offered to give everyone lifts home.

With Brayden sheepishly murmuring something about not wanting to leave his car in town, one of his mates got up to get him another beer.

“Sit down ya clown, I’m getting another round, and Stevo will drop you home in a bit,” said his friend, doing his bit to combat an issue that’s been the subject of an extensive statewide government safety campaign.

With Brayden agreeing despite the damage to his pride, one of the boys then cheered him up by chirping him about how good the Dolphins are going.


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